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EUFOR can confirm that six (6) individuals have tested positive for COVID-19, following an extensive test series carried out at Camp Butmir on 8 April 2020. These persons have been immediately placed in isolation at Camp Butmir upon receipt of the results today, under the supervision of EUFOR medical staff. Personnel who have been in close contact with the individuals are being placed in quarantine, until they receive clearance from medical personnel.

The recent tests were provided by Slovenia, one of EUFOR’s troop contributing countries, and were conducted by a Slovenian medical team. In total over the past few weeks 175 tests have been carried out at EUFOR which represents a high rate of testing of 18%, in contrast to the number of confirmed cases seen. Members of both the military and civilian workforce were included in the testing that took place.

Due to EUFOR’s preventative measures, which comply with measures introduced by the host nation, movement of personnel remains limited to essential operational needs, reducing the risk of transmission to the local community. With the majority of the civilian workforce working from home and temperature sensors at the main gate of Camp Butmir, EUFOR mitigates against the virus being brought on and off the camp. The strict measures employed remain under constant review and will be updated in accordance with the evolving situation.

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