On 03 February 2023, the first ever Bosnian ski mountaineering event was ski hosted in the Bjelašnica resort, in conjunction with EUFOR, the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Federation of the Mountain Rescue Services. The commander of the Austrian EUFOR Contingent Colonel Peter Nagelstrasser signaled the starting shots for 60 athletes. Runolist is the local translation of the Edelweiss flower, a symbol for alpine sports and alpine forces within the Austrian Army and mountain rescue teams.

On February 1st 2023, the Defense Committee of the German Bundestag, chaired by Mrs. Agnes-Marie Strack-Zimmermann visited the EUFOR HQ in Sarajevo. During a meeting with COM EUFOR, Major General Helmut Habermayer, the political and security situation in BiH was discussed.

On 12 January 2023, the Commander of EUFOR, Major General Anton Wessely presented an award to Mr. Harnes Safić in recognition of his carrying out an exceptional act which saved the life of a young citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mr. Harnes Safić is an interpreter with EUFOR’s Multinational Battalion. The award ceremony took place in in EUFOR HQ, Camp Butmir, Sarajevo.

On the 31st of January, Commander EUFOR Major General Helmut Habermayer met with the AF BIH Chief of Joint Staff, Lieutenant General Senad Mašović and Deputies, Major General Ivica Jerkić and Major General Gojko Knežević.

Yesterday, EUFOR welcomed a new military contingent from the Netherlands to EUFOR Operation Althea, marking the occasion with a flag raising ceremony in Camp Butmir. After a hiatus of six years, the Netherlands have recommitted troops to the mission, with more potentially to follow.

On 18 January 2023, at EUFOR HQ in Camp BUTMIR, Sarajevo a ceremony took place to mark the Change of Command of the Force Commander of Operation Althea, European Union Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A ceremony of remembrance was held on 12th January 2023 at Camp Butmir to mark the 15th anniversary of a helicopter crash which claimed the lives of 11 EUFOR personnel from the Republic of North Macedonia.