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  • EUFOR: Focused, Capable, Reliable

    Throughout its history, EUFOR has shown full commitment to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and maintained full situational awareness.
    When called upon in the past, it has successfully supported BiH authorities.
    EUFOR is always FOCUSED on maintaining a safe and secure environment in BiH.

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On 2 June 2020, COMEUFOR, Major General Reinhard Trischak, wrote to thank the former BiH Minister of Security, Fahrudin Radončić, for his “close and friendly cooperation” during his period of service.

In his letter, Major General Trischak reflected on the main issues that have been faced the Ministry of Security and EUFOR during Mr Radončić’s time in office. These have included: “the sweeping effect of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting every aspect of daily life; information sharing on important security matters such as the return of ‘foreign fighters’ to the country; and the persistent issue of migrants seeking to turn BiH into a safe route for illegal entry into the EU.”
Major General Trischak reiterated the fact that EUFOR remains “totally committed” to supporting the competent authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina in maintaining a safe and secure environment “for the benefit of all citizens.” He also stated that he is “very much looking forward to continuing this close and beneficial cooperation” with the next Minister of Security.

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