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  • EUFOR: Focused, Capable, Reliable

    Throughout its history, EUFOR has shown full commitment to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and maintained full situational awareness.
    When called upon in the past, it has successfully supported BiH authorities.
    EUFOR is always FOCUSED on maintaining a safe and secure environment in BiH.

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On 29 May 20, EUFOR reached an important milestone with the conclusion of the Main Planning Conference for this year’s annual Exercise Quick Response 20.

In line with COVID-19 restrictions, the conference was conducted via video teleconference (VTC). This involved representatives of armed forces and military organisations across Europe, from locations in Naples and Rome in Italy, Mons in Belgium, London in the UK and KFOR in Pristina, Kosovo.

The Exercise Director, EUFOR Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Ernő Baráth said:

“Exercise Quick Response 20 is very much on track. It will build on the success of Quick Response19, with complex scenarios, which will confirm the readiness of EUFOR to support the BiH authorities.”

Exercise Quick Response 20 is planned to take place in late August and early September 2020, taking place in locations across BiH. As a military organisation planning continues to enable the exercise to be conducted safely for everyone; despite the circumstances and the challenges that need to be overcome, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, as with any military situation, the decision to conduct the exercise will be made in due course.

A pan-European effort, the exercise is a test of EUFOR’s operational capability, deploying ‘over the horizon’ reserve forces, and the effectiveness of contingency plans to ensure EUFOR’s ability to fulfil its mandate under UN Security Council Resolution 2496 (2019) at all times.

Exercise Quick Response 20 planning a success, in spite of COVID-19

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