COM EUFOR visited the 5th Brigade of the Armed Forces BiH
Ceremonial integration of reserve forces into EUFOR structure
Arrival of EUFOR Strategic Reserve Force to BiH
Troops of the Strategic Reserve Force (SRF) of EUFOR are already in Bosnia and Herzegovina and now their equipment also arrived. They will be soon conducting patrols across BiH and training with EUFOR in-theatre forces and elements of Armed Forces of BiH.
Iftar dinner in Camp Butmir
French soldiers of EUFOR Strategic Reserve Force arrived to Sarajevo
EUFOR successfully conducted a medical evacuation

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  • EUFOR – Strong Partner to BiH

    EUFOR continues to be a strong Partner for BiH:
    • By supporting the marking and registering of more than 70.000 weapons
    • By providing advice to increase security in nearly 300 Locations where weapons and ammunition are stored...

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EUFOR’s reserve companies are now working with Armed Forces BiH to conduct a number of tasks, including repairing water supplies, disinfection of streets, removal of garbage and transportation of aid
The reserve companies deployed from Camp Butmir on Friday 6 June 2014 to assist the Armed Forces of BiH in their flood-related disaster relief efforts, commonly known as JOINT EFFORT. The UK and Slovenian companies travelled to Dubrave, near Tuzla, while the Austrian company deployed to Zenica.

The reserve companies

EUFOR’s UK reserve company from 1 SCOTS, the Royal Scots Borderers, has been repairing water network pipes in Lopare together with Armed Forces BiH. The teams salvaged water pipes that had been flushed down the Gnjica River during the flooding. The commander of the 1 SCOTS platoon, Lt Guy Ballantyne, and the AF BiH platoon commander, Lt Benudin Barjaktarevic, then worked together to ensure that the pipes will be used again in the local water distribution network.

EUFOR’s Slovenian reserve company has also been working with Armed Forces BiH to disinfect and remove garbage from the Doboj area.

EUFOR’s Operation Commander, General Sir Adrian Bradshaw, is also visiting EUFOR and BiH today and tomorrow for updates on Operation Althea with a particular focus on JOINT EFFORT. Whilst here in BiH, General Bradshaw is visiting the BiH Presidency, the Ministry of Defence and the UNDP in Sarajevo and will also visit EUFOR troops working with Armed Forces BiH in the north of the country on JOINT EFFORT.

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