On 03 February 2023, the first ever Bosnian ski mountaineering event was ski hosted in the Bjelašnica resort, in conjunction with EUFOR, the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Federation of the Mountain Rescue Services. The commander of the Austrian EUFOR Contingent Colonel Peter Nagelstrasser signaled the starting shots for 60 athletes. Runolist is the local translation of the Edelweiss flower, a symbol for alpine sports and alpine forces within the Austrian Army and mountain rescue teams.

Alpine Ski Mountaineering started officially in Bosnia and Herzegovina

There are three distinct categories within the competition;

Category WOMEN:
Jerneja Mihevc, SLO
Valérie Erceau, FRA
Emira Hukić, BIH

Category SOLDIERS:
Tomaž Žemva, SLO
Iztok Arbajter , SLO
Damijan Kromar, SLO

Lukša Lukšić, HR
Lazar Badanjac, HR
Jerneja Mihevc, SLO

Complete list:


The athletes had to conquer the “Tehnički Put“: consisting of a 4.61 km run at 590 meters altitude from BABIN DO to MEĐUSTANICA. 80 athletes from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, USA, Italy, Slovakia, Croatia and France participated. Tomaž Žemva reached the goal at MEĐUSTANICA in 43 minutes and 50 seconds. Nobody was injured, a great success for the involved security staff.

Ski mountaineering or ski touring is ascending of mountains and alpine slopes on skis and a subsequent descent. Skins under the skis, special bindings, light skis and boots enable the ascension of with snow covered peaks.

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