A EUFOR Mobile Training Team has been training personnel from Armed Forces BiH during a Forklift Handler Course, which took place in Rajlovac from 15 to 26 September.
The training, delivered by a Swiss Mobile Training Team, covered how to drive and handle the forklifts safely.  The course itself lasted one week but took place in 2 phases: the first part was to ‘train the trainers’, and the second part confirmed the abilities of these new instructors to teach students in future.

Forklift Handler

In total, 31 military and civilian personnel from Armed Forces BiH were trained in technical, driving, handling and maintenance aspects, with 6 personnel from Armed Forces BiH becoming instructors.
The forklifts, which had previously been donated by the Swiss Armed Forces, will be used to assist the work of the Armed Forces BiH in completing a 100% inventory of ammunition in BiH, a project which EUFOR continues to support.
The course also forms part of EUFOR’s capacity building and training programme, giving Armed Forces BiH the skill and knowledge to participate in missions abroad or humanitarian assistance at home.