Two Italian military doctors, who joined EUFOR last month bringing their extensive experience of working with COVID-19 in Italy, have begun working with members of the BiH healthcare system.

EUFOR Italian COVID-19 specialists assist BiH hospitals

Following a period of quarantine, Major Pasquale Giannelli and Major Marino Trivisani are passing on their experience with visits to hospitals throughout BiH. Starting in Tuzla Clinic and Zenica Hospital, guidance from local healthcare workers has developed their understanding of the local issues.

The Italian healthcare system’s response to COVID-19 recovery provides a huge pool of knowledge that BiH can draw upon to help form future strategy. Now one month in to their three month tour, the doctors will be supporting the UN by visiting more hospitals to share their first-hand knowledge. They will also assist BiH hospitals to implement best practice to help the local response. During this time they will come under the EUFOR chain of command.

Before deploying to BiH, they underwent special training at the main military hospital in Rome, learning and distilling the experience accumulated by the Italian armed forces during the crisis.

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