10th – 14th November 2014; One Turkish Platoon from the Multinational Battalion has conducted peacekeeping training with the Armed Forces of BiH. The week-long training took place in Tuzla canton, with a goal to teach the Bosnian troops how to execute peace supporting tasks in line with international standards.

Combined training between the Multinational Battalion and AF BiH

Night Operations
Overnight on the third day, the soldiers applied their skills during a night operation. “Since the profession of a soldier entails the requirement for each and everyone to be able to operate under severe weather impacts and at any time, it is paramount to train in the dark as well. Our motto called “train as you fight” and it is our obligation to provide the BiH soldiers the best training possible”, said the training officer in charge, First Lieutenant Tok from the Turkish Army.

Visit by the Turkish Company Commander
During the training, the Turkish Company Commander, Captain Karakurumer, visited his troops. “I am glad that my platoon is responsible for this combined training on behalf of EUFOR. Additionally, this is the last combined training for me as the Company Commander of the Turkish unit, because my six-month tour comes to an end at the beginning of December. It was a great opportunity to take part in such combined training with our friends from BiH. Both sides have mutually benefited from this activity.”

Inspection by Senior Officers
The Commander of the MNBN, Lieutenant Colonel Scheucher, inspected the combined training and was accompanied by the Austrian Embedded Advisor of the 5th Infantry Brigade. Lieutenant Colonel Scheucher said during his visit: “It is paramount to strengthen the interoperability and the relationship between the soldiers. We can only achieve this through regularly conducted combined training of EUFOR and AF BiH troops.”