Orthodox Easter is a significant and sacred season in the calendar of the Orthodox Church. It is a holiday which consists of a series of celebrations. EUFOR recognises the importance of embracing and celebrating the diversity of religious traditions of its Troop Contributing Nations and the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. By celebrating all religions it ensures impartiality in EUFOR, which is one of its core values. This year, events of Orthodox Easter were held between 03-05 May and were celebrated by members of EUFOR.

EUFOR Celebrate Orthodox Easter

This celebration started on the evening of Good Friday with EUFOR members attending a liturgy service which was held in the Cathedral of the Nativity of Mother of God in Sarajevo. On Holy Saturday, in Camp Butmir, the midnight mass was celebrated by the Metropolitan Bishop of Dabar-Bosna, Hrizostom Jević. Finally, on Easter Sunday COM EUFOR Major General László Sticz hosted an Orthodox Easter Lunch in the dining facility in Camp Butmir.

A number of guests attended this lunch including Chief of the Cabinet Ministry of Defence Mr. Salko Beba, Head of the Office of Orthodox Military Chaplain Archpriest Milorad Milinković, Head of the Sarajevo Orthodox Cathedral Church Priest Nemanja Đureinović, Archpriest Vihor Klopanović, Priest Dejan Bakmaz, Deputy Chief of the Joint Staff Armed Forces of BiH Brigadier General Mirsad Ahmić and deputising the Commandant of the Peace Support Operations Training Centre in BiH Lieutenant Colonel Amer Riković.

During this lunch, COM EUFOR spoke about how

‘EUFOR is a military mission, which has a clear mandate to support the local authorities in maintaining a safe and secure environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Safety and security include that people in BiH can freely practice their religion, without harming anyone or being harmed for their beliefs.’

An enjoyable lunch was had by all involved and these type of celebrations help to enhance mutual respect and cooperation not only within EUFOR but also with the authorities and the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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