As the United Nations mark on the 4th of April the annual International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action, in his video address DCOM EUFOR Brigadier General Lorenzo Dal Maso highlights the importance of Mine Action in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the support EUFOR provides to BiH.

For 20 years EUFOR supports demining operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During this time the EU and EUFOR has constantly been helping and assisting the local authorities to reach a “BiH free of mines.”

Today EU funding supports to properly equip the Demining Battalion of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina to fulfill its dangerous tasks in the field. Additionally, EUFOR specialists keep being committed in advising the civilian and military mine action stakeholders here in support of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s international commitments in mine action.

Furthermore, EUFOR Liaison and Observation Teams (LOTs) perform Mine Risk Education for pupils in schools all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. Last year, 13.300 kids took part in such important trainings which help them to cope with the still existing threats posed by mines and explosive remains of war.

EUFOR will, according to its mandate, remain committed to support mine action in Bosnia and Herzegovina to reach together a mine free BiH – Forward, Onward, Together.