On 8th of March 2023 COM EUFOR Maj Gen Habermayer visited Brčko District. The visit coincided with celebrations marking the 23rd anniversary of the Brčko District.
On arrival, COM EUFOR met Principal Deputy High Representative Jonathan Mennuti and a delegation of Brčko officials including the Mayor of Brčko District, Mr Esed Kadric. During the meeting, Mr Kadric welcomed all in attendance to Brčko on this special day and noted that the meeting was an opportunity to summarise the accomplishments of Brčko to date and look forward to the future.

COM EUFOR Maj Gen Habermayer visited Brcko District

During the meeting they discussed the political, social, economic and security situation in Brčko district. COM EUFOR was happy to be in Brčko to celebrate this special day and was very impressed by the inclusivity of the event.

Following the meeting, COM EUFOR attended a ceremony marking the anniversary. During the ceremony, speeches were made by Deputy Mayor of Brčko District Mr Anto Domić, Head of the Delegation of the Special EU Representative in BiH Mr Johann Sattler, President of the Assembly Mr Siniša Milič, Principal Deputy High Representative Mr Jonathan Mennuti and Mayor of Brčko district Mr Esed Kadric. Throughout the ceremony there were a number of musical performances by the Svetislav Ban Tisa Milosavljević Chamber Orchestra.

COM EUFOR Maj Gen Habermayer visited Brcko District

COM EUFOR then visited the Brčko LOT House, where he met with members of the Austrian contingent who are based there and received a brief on their activities and engagement”.

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