The first day of action from EUFORs Exercise Quick Response 2020 showed that the troop integration training has worked very well.

Day 1 of Exercise Quick Response in Visegrad

Starting this morning in Visegrad with a simulated protest which quickly turned into bottles and smoke grenades being thrown at the EUFOR troops. This prompts a smooth response from the nearby LOT House (Liaison Observation Team) which is permanently staffed with EUFOR Slovak soldiers, who called in the Multinational Battalion to help clear the protest.

The Hungarian soldiers from the Multinational Battalion had little trouble in deterring further violence and soon had the situation under control as the trouble makers were cleared from the street and their make shift road block moved.

The Exercise Director then adds something else to think about with a simulated casualty from a thrown rock. Medical aid is quickly on hand and the casualty is first treated on the spot by medical experts before calling in the EUFOR helicopter to further test the response.

Flying quickly from Camp Butmir, the medical helicopter soon collects the casualty and has them on the way back to a medical centre to test the reaction some more.

In Visegrad to witness the exercise first hand was COM EUFOR Major General Reinhard Trischak who said;

“The way the multi-national force worked together today was extremely pleasing to see. Integration time is understandably short and we have to make the most if it. It is clear to me that the training staff at Camp Butmir have done a fantastic job.”

There will be little rest for the troops, as tomorrow there will be another early start and more unalerted problems to resolve until Exercise Quick Response 2020 concludes on 5 September 2020.

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