Major General Alexander Platzer

was born in Salzburg, Austria, in 1963. Following completion of training in the Theresian Military Academy he was commissioned as an officer in the Austrian Armoured Corps. Subsequent postings have seen Major General Platzer serve in various operational and strategic positions within the Austrian Armed Forces. 

Brigadier General Szilárd Gerőfi

was born 13 June 1967 in Veszprém, Hungary. His military carreer started in 1986 when he entered the Military Technical College. In 1997 he graduated (Master Degree) on Technical University of Budapest. His Senior Leadership Training he finished on Faculty of Military and Defence Education from 2014-2015 with outstanding qualification.

László Bernátsky

was born 29 March 1978 in Szeged, Hungary. He joined to the military in 1992 when he entered the Damjanich Janos Military High School. He completed the basic training in 1996. The next year he graduated from NCO School as an NBC firefighter and promoted to Sergeant OR-5.