In the night hours between the 4th and the 5th of February EUFOR was requested by the Ministry of Security, to provide air rescue at the area of Kalinovik. A family, three adults and one child, became victims of the heavy snowfalls of the last two days.

Today one EUFOR helicopter from Camp BUTMIR’s Austrian Helicopter Detachment was deployed after immediate approval of Chief of Staff EUFOR, Brigadier General Zoltán Gulyás. A Search and Rescue Helicopter type Alouette III started to reconnoiter the area of Kalinovik, and decided to evacuate the family immediately because of the good weather conditions. The three adults with the child had been cut off from civilization, were boarded safely and none of the rescued persons had been injured.
At about 1300 hours the rescued family was safely brought to EUFOR Camp BUTMIR, where they have been under examination by the medical personal of EUFOR and taken to the hospital by the local ambulance.
While this Search and Rescue employment took place, soldiers of the MNBN (Multinational Battalion) worked on with cleaning the snow, with main effort on the tramway tracks, in the city of SARAJEVO the whole day long.