A EUFOR Search and Rescue Helicopter (type Bell 212) evacuated 4 Border Officers and 1 Customs Official from a remote area in the Foca region to the Foca Soccer Stadium today.  All five officers were in good health and required no medical assistance even though they had been stranded for six days.

In addition a heart attack victim was also evacuated by EUFOR helicopter (type Alouette III) from Tomislavgrad to a hospital in Sarajevo. The patient is now receiving urgent medical attention only available in Sarajevo.
The Chief of Staff EUFOR, Brigadier General Zoltán Gulyás also visited the BiH Ministry of Security today. Here he met with Mr Samir Agić, Assistant Minister for Protection and Rescue, Head of Protection and Rescue Sector.  The two men discussed the ongoing situation with the severe weather in BiH.
EUFOR remains on standby to offer assistance to the citizens of BiH if requested by the Ministry of Security.