Busy week for the MNBN
As we know from media studies: “Truth is not what A says, but what B understands”
This statement is the basis of a good communication strategy. As we all know, only by training on a regular bases can you ensure that units act as the Command wants.

This was the guidance for the MNBN before conducting different exercises during the 50th week.
To make sure that the communication works smoothly, intensive preparation in the signal branch was necessary. In general, radio communication isn’t only between the units or at platoon level, it is also mandatory with the pilot in the helicopter for guidance during a recovery exercise. The main effort of exercise “Broken Arrow” was to practice the correct communication protocols with the pilot and the platoon or squad commander on a designated location, especially for MEDEVAC operations.
The tragic mine incident involving a paraglider at Jahorina at the end of October demonstrated perfectly the importance of fast and effective communication.  Different scenarios where used to drill the platoon commanders in reporting procedures and test how they can support the pilot in any situation during the exercise.  Additionally the exercise was used to train communication techniques between the company and MNBN, MNBN with the JOC and finally the JOC with the helicopter squadron. 
Simultaneously the Austrian Company conducted the exercise “Winterdream”. The aim of Winterdream was to reconnoitre specific roads in the area of Capljina. The focus lay on the condition of the given roads, if they are suitable in winter for heavy trucks? In addition the Austrian Company trained on their reporting procedures.

Last but not least the Hungarian Company continued the training mission of the Armed Forces (AF) BiH in the Barracks of Rajlovac. The main effort here was combat training. The soldiers of the AF BiH were instructed in running checkpoints, personal and vehicle searching and of course patrolling. During this combat training, Brigadier General Jerkic from the AF BiH visited his troops and thanked the Deputy Commander MNBN, Maj Savanya, for the support of EUFOR in this training mission.