This year sees the twentieth anniversary of the UN Security Council Resolution which gives focus to Women, Peace and Security. Recognising the upcoming anniversary allows EUFOR to reinforce the significance of gender-based violence within conflict and reflect on how far we have come in acknowledging its importance.

COM EUFOR, Major General Reinhard Trischak, asks the multi-national forces working within BiH to recognise International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict as an important milestone. COM EUFOR said, “June 19th is an important day and we should all remember the damage that these brutal crimes have done to societies all over the world. We have come a long way but never forget we must continue to work hard in preventing sexual violence in conflict and persevere with holding those responsible to account.”

June 19th was chosen to commemorate this day with the adoption of the UN Security Council resolution 1820 in which sexual violence is condemned as a tactic of war and recognised it as an obstruction to any peacebuilding process.