On 25 May 2020, the 3rd Platoon of the Hungarian Company of EUFOR’s Multinational Battalion, as the current Quick Reaction Force (QRF) platoon, conducted a checkpoint training exercise.

Soldiers create a roadblock using vehicles

"Soldiers create a roadblock using vehicles"

The checkpoint consisted of two trucks blocking the street in the front and in the back of the checkpoint, to secure an area in the middle which is then used for checking vehicles and people. When a vehicle approaches, soldiers at the first truck conduct a pre-check of the vehicle and decide if it is safe to let it in.

After approval, the first truck reverses to make space to allow the vehicle to enter the checkpoint, before moving back into the road to secure the search area. The soldiers can then start to check the vehicle and the identity of the driver. Several scenarios were conducted to improve the abilities of the QRF soldiers. Amongst these were: identity check/person control of a person on foot; control of a vehicle; control of a vehicle with passengers; and control of a vehicle and driver only.

The final scenario was truck with a driver only, with a hidden gun in the truck. The soldiers first checked the identity of the driver before searching the truck. When the gun was found the driver was arrested and lead away for further questioning.

This is just one of a series of planned exercises, designed to ensure that the skills of the soldiers of the Multinational Battalion are kept current, in order to react to any situation they could be called to.

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