On 6th March 2014 took place at Camp Butmir, with representatives of the AF BiH and Capacity Building and Training as participants. The goal of the Capacity Building and Training Needs Assessment and Roadmap Agreement meeting was to assess the needs and gaps of the Armed Forces BiH in the field of training, in order to elaborate a roadmap for 2015 and 2016.

This roadmap is an important milestone which will allow a better interaction between Armed Forces BiH and EUFOR, as well as to improve the coordination and optimization of trainings to be conducted during the aforementioned years.

Participants of the Armed Forces of BiH

The roadmap will optimize the interaction between AF BiH and EUFOR in the field of training.

The roadmap agreement meeting comes after the EUFOR Capacity Building and Training Assessment Conference, which was held at EUFOR HQ on 26-27 November 2013. The main goal of the conference was to improve Capacity Building and Training activities and to coordinate the planning for 2015 with Armed Forces BiH Joint Staff, EU Staff Group and NATO HQ Sa.

Deputy Chief of Staff Capacity Building and Training requested Armed Forces BiH to start as early as possible to plan capacity building needs/tasks as well as training needs/tasks for 2015-2016 with support from EUFOR and NATO Sa. Armed Forces BiH was also encouraged to take over more responsibility in training by themselves. This should mainly be done by using already trained Armed Forces BiH personnel and allowing EUFOR to mentor, monitor and assist its activities.

The Training Assessment Conference is carried out annually to evaluate the progress of training activities.