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Written by Maj Roman Vildomec
Ammunition and Storage Training Course_2

On 26 August 2013 the Practical Basic Ammunition (PBA) Course Opening Ceremony took place at the ammunition storage site in KRUPA.
The Course is 13 days in length and runs until the 11th of Sep 13.  This is the first of three ammunition storage management courses which will provide the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AF BiH) the ability to handle ammunition more safely.  He course was developed by the Austrian Armed Logistic School in Vienna.


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Written by OF2 Angel Stefanov
Military Movement Control Course Workshop_5

From 2 Jul 13 to the 22 Aug 13, the Polish Mobile Monitoring Team (MMT) from EUFOR conducted a Military Movement Course Workshop for members of the Armed Forces BiH in Dubrave.
One of the key tasks for EUFOR is Capacity Building and Training of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AF BiH). Developing the transport structure to meet both the requirements of BiH and those of the International community and assure interoperability is of great importance to Euro-Atlantic integration.

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Written by Lt Col Martin Guldemond
EUFOR trainers monitor AF BiH CBRN course_1

On 21 August 2013 a delegation of EUFOR HQ’s Capacity Building & Training Divisionhas paid a visit to a course on Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) warfare in TUZLA. The course will be conducted by the CBRN Company of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AF BiH) and will included the teaching of individual skills and a practical exercise involving military personnel of the AF BiH 6th Brigade, an EOD-unit and a EUFOR helicopter crew as well as civilian participants of the Fire and Ambulance Brigade from TUZLA Airport and local Law Enforcement Agencies.

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Written by Lt Col Otmar Lindner
Change of Command in the Multinational Battalion EUFOR_1

On 20 August 2013 the Outgoing Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Alfred STEINGRESZ, relinquished command of EUFOR’s Multinational Maneuver Battalion (MNBN) to his Austrian compatriot Lieutenant Colonel Christoph BLASCH. With this transfer, the unit's future performance and the accomplishment of the MNBN mission and the welfare of the troops has become the responsibility of Lt Col Blasch. The Change of Command (COC) ceremony took place inside Camp BUTMIR and featured the ceremonial passing of the battalion colors, symbolizing the completion of the tour of duty of the outgoing commander. A change of command ceremony is a military tradition that is rich with symbolism and heritage dating back to medieval times and even today, the colors remain a broadly used symbol of a commander’s authority and stand for permanence and the unit’s military traditions.

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Written by OF-3 Fatih Yurekli
EUFOR conduct CIS training with AF BiH_1

In August 13 a team of Turkish soldiers began training the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AF BiH) in Communications and Information Systems capabilities. On 19th August 2013, a Turkish mentoring team, consisting of two experienced instructors, arrived in Camp BUTMIR, SARAJEVO to begin their preparations to deliver a specialised CIS course to the AF BiH.

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