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Written by Cdr Jaroslaw Keplin

Students learned special techniques to learn from mistakes

Training concerning "LESSONS LEARNED" - learning from mistakes, not necessarily our own, it was the motto of seminar and practical classes for AF BiH soldiers (Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina) which took place in LIVAC on 19-20 February 2014.Learning from mistakes was the motto of the seminar “LESSONS LEARNED” for soldiers of the Armed Forces BiH, which took place from 19th – 20th February 2014 in LIVAC.

Experienced Trainers

The Seminar and workshop was provided by Lessons Learned Embedded Advisory Team members from the Capacity Building Branch EUFOR, Lieutenant Colonel Slawomir CIESLEWICZ, Commander Jaroslaw KEPLIN and interpreter Mrs. Durdica IVKOVIC.

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Written by Maj Bernd Paulewicz, EAT 5th InfBde

Mine Clearing Soldier

18 Feb 20114, Camp DUBRAVE
They are nearly invisible, silent and continuous. Day by day the EOD companies Armed Forces beneath several NGOs work under extremely difficult circumstances in order to remove and clear the deadly threat in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On the 18 February 2014 one of the specialised companies (the 2nd Coy of the Demining Battalion) presented there capacities and capabilities during an inspection in DUBRAVE Base close by TUZLA.
At first the Company Commander Captain MESIC reported his company to the Commander of the Demining Battalion Colonel ZENUNOVIC who was convinced of the “Full Operational Capability the company. Cpt MESIC introduced his company to the guests and explained that the Coy is FOC with personnel and equipment.


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Written by OF-3 Bülent Mercimek
Cellular Radio Communications Course_1

A Turkish Mobile Mentoring Team, from EUFOR’s Capacity Building and Training Division, mentored Armed Forces of BiH (AF BiH) instructors in a 10 day Cellular Radio Communications Course which took place from 3 to 14 February 2014. This course was the third in a cycle of 11 Communication and Information Systems (CIS) courses planned for 2014.

The aim of this course, which was attended by 15 Non Commissioned Officers from different AF BiH units, was to mentor CIS Instructors from AF BiH.

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Written by OF-3 Bülent Mercimek and Lt Cdr James Love
EUFOR CIS Conference is a Milestone in EUFOR’S CBD&T for AFBiH_1

The first Armed Forces of BiH (AF BiH) and EUFOR CIS Conference, which took place in Camp Butmir on 28 Jan 2014, was a success for both AF BiH and EUFOR. The conference was organized by EUFOR Capacity Building and Training Division (CBTD) and chaired by the Training Chief, Lt Col Johan Bouhuys. This conference was a milestone for the last year of CBT and was attended by AF BiH representatives from different BiH entities including Joint Staff, Operational Command, Support Command, Tactical Support Brigade, 4/5/6 Infantry Brigade, Signal Battalion, Air Force and Air Defense and TRADOC.

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Written by Lt Cdr Jim Love
Military Movement Control Course_1

Building the capacity of the transport structure in the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AF BiH) to meet the current requirements and interoperability with the Armed Forces of other countries is one of the tasks of EUFOR.
Movement Control Specialists from EUFOR’s JMA and the Polish Mobile Mentoring Team (MMT) organized a course for AF BiH transportation personnel in the AF BiH Movement Coordination Centre in Doboj. The aim of this course is to train AF BiH transportation personnel in the field of NATO military transport procedures and the group consisted of eight officers and one NCO from different AF BiH units.

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