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    Written by Lt Cdr Alice Williams-Allden Saturday, 04 October 2014 15:07
    Pilot of Maintenance Course held at Rajlovac_2

    A pilot course to teach maintenance and upkeep principles was delivered to AFBiH maintenance personnel at the 8th Logistics Support Battalion in Rajlovac between 29 Sep 14 and 3 Oct 14.
    The initiative for the course came from the Joint Staff of AFBiH.  The course aimed to bring together staff from different service units throughout BiH in order to present a number of techniques on organizing units and developing work plans and schedules for maintenance activities, based on the available resources.

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    Written by Lt Cdr Alice Williams-Allden Wednesday, 01 October 2014 12:06
    EUFOR trains Armed Forces BiH Forklift Handlers_1

    A EUFOR Mobile Training Team has been training personnel from Armed Forces BiH during a Forklift Handler Course, which took place in Rajlovac from 15 to 26 September.
    The training, delivered by a Swiss Mobile Training Team, covered how to drive and handle the forklifts safely.  The course itself lasted one week but took place in 2 phases: the first part was to ‘train the trainers’, and the second part confirmed the abilities of these new instructors to teach students in future.
    In total, 31 military and civilian personnel from Armed Forces BiH were trained in technical, driving, handling and maintenance aspects, with 6 personnel from Armed Forces BiH becoming instructors.

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    Written by Captain Thomas Tiller, MNBN Friday, 26 September 2014 15:17
    EUFOR’s A-Coy conducts medical training in Kalinovik_1

    The Austrian company of EUFOR’s Multi-National Battalion (MNBN) conducted training in September 2014 with the Medical Team of EUFOR.
    An exercise scenario was created where some soldiers were wounded and subsequently had to be treated properly. The injuries ranged from light abrasions to people collapsing and someone suffering from a heart attack. While the lightly injured people were flown out by a Blawk Hawk helicopter, the latter required a so called MEDEVAC (i.e. the abbreviated form for "Medical Evacuation"). A MEDEVAC is only requested for potentially lethal injuries. After the medical personnel within the company had performed first aid measures the affected soldier was brought to the Helicopter Landing Site. As soon as the emergency doctor arrived via helicopter, she checked the patient and ensured the immediate transportation to a local hospital in Sarajevo.

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    Written by Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Pehr Pehr Wednesday, 17 September 2014 16:23
    Shift change within the Austrian contingent_1
    Thursday, 11th September 2014: The Austrian company of the Multinational Battalion has finished its rotation. The soldiers of the Infantry Battalion 17 of the Austrian Armed Forces handed over their duties to the incoming troops of the 35th Mechanized Infantry Battalion this morning. The Battalion Commander of the Multinational Battalion expressed both his gratitude for the outgoing soldiers and his confidence for the arriving unit: “I am happy with your performance during the past three months and wish you a lot of soldier’s luck in the future”, he said to the troops returning home. “At the same time I am looking forward to work together with the well trained and highly motivated troops of the Mechanized Infantry.”
    Written by Captain Thomas Tiller, MNBN Friday, 12 September 2014 15:19
    EUFOR Multinational Battalion trains with Armed Forces BiH_1

    Between 8th and 12th September, a Turkish Platoon from EUFOR’s Multinational Battalion conducted combined training with a platoon from the 4th Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces BiH.
    The training, which took place in Livno, covered a broad range of topics including force protection, convoy and escort and civil disturbance operations. The designated training officer of the Multinational Battalion, First Lieutenant Serkan Tok (from the Turkish Army), was impressed by the extraordinary motivation of the soldiers: “Both the Turkish and the BiH troops are eager to learn from each other and were curious about the different tactics and techniques which are applied. Moreover, I want to mention that everything was prepared in a perfect manner by our hosts.”

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