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1 EUFOR vehicles transport Red Cross flood assistance materials Lt Cdr Alice Williams-Allden
2 EUFOR’s A-Coy conducts medical training in Kalinovik Captain Thomas Tiller, MNBN
3 Shift change within the Austrian contingent Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Pehr Pehr
4 EUFOR Multinational Battalion trains with Armed Forces BiH Captain Thomas Tiller, MNBN
5 Combined Training of MNBN and AF BiH Lt Cdr Jim Love
6 Full Operational Capability of the Hungarian company Lt Col Alexander Pehr
7 Change of command in the Multinational Battalion in BiH Lt Col Alexander Pehr
8 MNBN Medal Parade Lt Col Otmar Lindner
9 Change of Command of the Austrian National Contingent Commander Lt Col Otmar Lindner
10 Training together – EUFOR and AF BiH did it again Lt Col Otmar Lindner
11 Distinguished Visitors Day marks end of Exercise Quick Response 2 Lt Cdr Paul Gill
12 Intermediate Reserve Force “Mission Ready in Theatre” Lt Col Otmar Lindner
13 Exercise Quick Response 2 – Phase 1 (Integration) Lt Cdr Paul Gill
14 Change of Command in the Multinational Battalion EUFOR Lt Col Otmar Lindner
15 Multinational Battalion troop rotation at EUFOR OR-7 Christian Elend
16 H-COY – Hungry for the Mission Lt Cdr Paul Gill
17 Multinational Battalion Medal Parade Lt Col Otmar Lindner
18 EUFOR Multi-National Battalion Trains With Soldiers of the 6 th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Heregovina Lt Cdr Gareth Jones RN
19 Change of Command For Multinational Battalion Lt Cdr Gareth Jones RN
20 Change of Command MNBN Lt Col Knut Scheutz
21 Joint Training with AF BiH at Zenica Maj Alexander Kogard
22 EUFOR 8KM Trebevic Race Lt Cdr David Collins
23 Joint Training with the AF BiH in Banja Luka Maj Alexander Kogard
24 Austrian and Bosnian Soldiers participated in a joint training at Camp Eagle-Base – Tuzla Maj Alexander Kogard
25 Field Training Exercise “Widespread“ Maj Alexander Kogard
26 Exercise “Waterfall” Maj Alexander Kogard
27 Joint Training with the AFBiH Maj Alexander Kogard
28 ‘H’–Coy on Exercise “Snowball” Maj Alexander Kogard
29 Change of Command for Multi-National Battalion Lt Cdr Adrian Kirk
30 EUFORs support to Bosnia and Herzegovina during State of Emergency Lt Cdr Stuart Cantellow
31 EUFOR rescued family out of the Area of Kalinovik Lt Col Knut Scheutz
32 The Austrian Company in the Multinational Batallion EUFOR Maj Alexander Kogard
33 COM EUFOR visits Capljina Barracks to see Multinational Battalion Training Exercise Lt Cdr Stuart Cantellow
34 Field Training Exercises "Broken Arrow“and "Winterdream" Cpt Witschnigg Markus
35 MNBN Exercise in Southern BiH Cpt Otmar Lindner