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1 COM EUFOR visits LOT house Cazin Lt Cdr Ben Timpson
2 COM EUFOR visits Romanian LOT House in Banja Luka Lt Cdr Ben Timpson
3 COM EUFOR visits Polish LOT Doboj Lt Cdr Ben Timpson
4 LOT House Novo Sarajevo participates in blood donation Sergeant 1st Class Martin Kostros
5 Members of LOT Novo Sarajevo donate clothes and footwear to Local Community Kamenica in Ilijas Capt Peter Krenicky
6 LOT House Foča donates toys to local school Lt Cdr Ben Timpson
7 Turkish personnel of LOT Livno distribute food to local people Lt Cdr Ben Timpson
8 COM EUFOR visits LOT House Livno Maj İlker Emirze
9 EUFOR supports Mine Awareness at climbing camp Lt Cdr Ben Timpson
10 Turkish team donate lifesaving equipment to local hospital Maj Erdogan Soyliyen
11 LOT Visegrad provided assistance to a married couple who crashed their car near to Visegrad OR-9 Miroslav Dulaj
12 Making a difference – EUFOR LOT BRCKO donates ‘Zimmer’ frames Lt Cdr Paul Gill
13 COM EUFOR visits LOT Trebinje Lt Cdr Paul Gill
14 Excellent cooperation between the grammar school OS MEJDAN and the Liaison Observation Team (LOT) Tuzla LtCol Karl KEMETHOFER
15 COM EUFOR visits LOT Travnik and LOT Zenica Lt Col Otmar Lndner
16 COM EUFOR Paid Visits to LOTs Novo Sarajevo, Jablanica and Mostar Lt Col Otmar Lindner
17 COM EUFOR Visits the new LOT Coordination Centre Lt Cdr David Collins RN
18 Head of EUFOR and the Swiss Ambassador Visit Swiss EUFOR Team at Trebinje Lt Cdr David Collins RN
19 COM EUFOR Visits LOT House Bratunac for Reception Capt Alexander Schiller
20 COM EUFOR visits LOT Livno and meets Mayor Lt Cdr Adrian Kirk RN
21 COM EUFOR pays a visit to Doboj Lt Cdr Adrian Kirk RN
22 COM EUFOR visits Mostar Lt Cdr Adrian Kirk RN
23 COM EUFOR visits LOT Cazin and meets Local Dignitaries Lt Cdr Adrian Kirk RN
24 COM EUFOR visits LOT Foca and meets Mayor Lt Col Knut Scheutz
25 COM EUFOR visits LOT Visegrad and meets Mayor Lt Cdr Adrian Kirk RN

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