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Friendly Match in Zenica

 popup_type=normal}Image8th May 2009 - Ze-Do Canton Police organized a football tournament among the police stations in the municipalities of Canton 4. LOT Zenica and RCC5 were also invited to contribute to the tournament with a friendly match against the Ze-Do Canton Police Football Team.
The football match started at 1100 hrs on 8th May 2009.


ImageRCC5 and LOT Zenica composed a 6-man team and played a very competitive match. Both sides made a great effort during the match in a friendly atmosphere. In addition, the support of the audiences for both teams was spectacular. We believe that it was very polite of Cantonal Police to invite us to their tournament and it took EUFOR’s good relations with the police one more step forward. Although RCC5 and LOT Zenica lost the match with a score of 3-4, the real winner of the match was friendship.