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COM EUFOR visits LOT Bratunac

 popup_type=normal}Image26th May - COM EUFOR General Castagnotto visited the Austrian Liasion and Observation (LOT) Bratunac in the Area of Responsibility (AOR) of Regional Coordination Center (RCC) 4. He was received and welcomed by Chief RCC4, Lt Col Kirchebner, and Major Trausnitz, the LOT Commander.
The purpose of COM EUFOR’s visit was to receive latest information on the final phase of RCC4‘s reorganization process which had become necessary due to the withdrawal of the Finnish LOT personnel by the end of May 2009. This challenging task of restructuring involved all but one LOT house within the respective Areas of Activity (AOA).

ImageThe second main topic was the ongoing planning, preparation and organization of the upcoming Srebrenica march from 8th to 10th July which will be followed on the next day by the annual reburial of victims of the 1995 Srebrenica genocide who had been found in mass graves during the past year and later on identified by the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP). Not only because of the dimension but as well due to their importance these are the main events in the annual schedule to be observed by LOT Bratunac.

Furthermore, Major General Castagnotto was informed about the hot spots in the AOA of Vlasenica.
After all this information which was jointly provided by Chief RCC4 Lt Col Kirchebner, Chief Ops RCC4 Major Kert, LOT Cdr Major Trausnitz and the two LOT Officers Captain Bögner and Lt Bichler, Major General Castagnotto enjoyed a typical Austrian “Jaus’n” (snack) and refreshments.

The visit then continued with a guided helicopter flight over Vlasenica to see the hot spots of this area from a bird’s eye perspective. This included a look on a recently opened mass grave in Mrsici, where the excavation process was still ongoing.
According to his own words during the goodbye COM EUFOR left Bratunac not only well briefed and informed but also convinced of the professional work of RCC4’s international staff and the members of LOT Bratunac.

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