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New Deputy Commander for EUFOR

Outgoing and incoming DCOMs togetherAs of 20 May 2008 EUFOR has a new Deputy Commander (DCOM).  Brigadier General Roberto D’Alessandro took over his duties from the outgoing DCOM Brigadier General Carmelo De Cicco, who departed after six months in BIH. 

Brigadier General Carmelo De Cicco on his departure said:
“I would like to thank everyone who has assisted me throughout my tour of duty.  I am very pleased with the decisive progress that BIH has made during my time as DCOM. I only mention, as examples, the initialling of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement to the European Union, which is in the final stage for signature, and the remarkable achievements in the sector of Police Reform.  Additionally, I have been delighted with the close cooperation established between EUFOR and AFBiH, which are marching together along the road to a complete stabilisation of the Country”.

Brigadier General Roberto D’Alessandro has previous experience of service in the Balkans (1995-1996), when he served in the Multi-National Division (South-East) in Mostar.  He is very much looking forward to serving in BiH and is keen to reinforce the message that EUFOR is a force for good that is working together with the population and Armed Forces of BiH, in bringing the country closer to the European Union. 

A full biography that outlines his military career...

Photo: Outgoing and incoming DCOMs together.