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EUFOR and Armed Forces Bosnia-Herzegovina Soccer Tournaments

EUFOR Chief of Staff awarding the medalsEUFOR Headquarters in Camp Butmir hosted indoor and outdoor football tournaments between 6th and 15th May 2008. Teams from all EUFOR assets, the Operational Command of the Armed Forces Bosnia-Herzegovina (AFBIH) and the AFBIH 4th Brigade as well as EUFOR civilian employees competed.  In total 12 teams played in each tournament, representing Bosnia-Herzegovina, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Ireland.  The finals took place on the mornings of 8th and 15 th May. The matches were closely contested and played in a true spirit of friendship and cooperation.  The winner of the indoor competition in a spirited final was the AFBIH 4th Brigade closely followed by the Turkish NSE Team and the Polish Coy team from MNBN took third place. The winner of the outdoor tournament was AFBIH 4th Brigade as well, with Turkish IPU Coy coming second and AFBIH Operational Command team taking third place.

The award ceremony was held in front of the Camp Butmir gymnasium.  The first three teams had the honour to receive medals and certificates from EUFOR Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Robert Löwenstein accompanied by Brigadier General Sakib Foric of the AFBiH Operational Command.

Brigadier General Löwenstein stated:

“This has been another entertaining sporting event hosted in Camp Butmir, which builds on an increasingly strong foundation of competition on the sports field and equally on the closer working relationship between EUFOR and AFBIH.  I have been impressed by the standards of the teams and congratulate all participants of the tournament”.