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Armed Forces BiH Inspection Teams are Presented Certificates by COM EUFOR

ImageOn 23 April 2008, a ceremony was held at the Army Hall in Sarajevo to formally certify the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AFBIH) Internal Weapon/Ammunition Storage Site Inspectors. COM EUFOR, Major General Ignacio Martín Villalaín presented the Inspection Teams with their certificates at this ceremony, in the presence of Lieutenant General Sifet Podzic, the BIH Chief of the Joint Staff. The presentation of these certificates clearly demonstrates that the (AFBIH) Internal Weapon/Ammunition Storage Site Inspectors have reached the required level of expertise, and are now capable of conducting inspections themselves. This shows the excellent level of cooperation and mutual trust between AFBiH and EUFOR, and further progress in the defence reform process.

ImageAt the ceremony, COM EUFOR, General Villalain stated:

“I am delighted to be able to attend this ceremony today. The certification of these Inspection Teams is another clear sign of the growing capability of the AFBIH, and I am so pleased to be here to present these certificates to you all with General Podzic. These certificates are being presented to acknowledge the training you have received, and all of you are to be congratulated on your achievements in gaining these certificates. It is dedication such as yours that will further the defence reform process and maintain the safe and secure environment in BIH.”

Photo: General Villalain and Lieutenant General Sifet Podzic