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EUFOR – LOT House RE-Organisation

7 April 2008
EUFOR today announced organisational changes to the Liaison Observation Team (LOT) house structure in northern Bosnia Herzegovina. EUFOR’s LOT house network operates within a system of five Regional Co-ordination Centres (RCCs) across the country. Each LOT and region is largely manned by staff from a EUFOR contributing nation.

The LOT house system provides the eyes and ears on the ground for EUFOR, contributing to a safe and secure environment and allowing the community to assist the country move forward towards a successful future. Moving certain LOT houses into different groupings will help to enable EUFOR to maintain the system and go on providing local re-assurance and contact.

The re-organisation affects the LOT House at Doboj, which will be manned by a Polish contingent from 13 April 2008 onwards.