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Visit of Head of the European Union Command Element Lieutenant General De Vincenti to EUFOR

Visit of Head of the EU Command Element Lt Gen De Vincenti to EUFOR_1
Lieutenant General Leandro De Vincenti (left) and Major General Robert Brieger, the Commander of EUFOR.

Lieutenant General Leandro De Vincenti, Head of the European Union Command Element in Naples, arrived in BiH on 18 June 2012 for a two day visit.
In addition to receiving updates on the Operation Althea Mission, Lieutenant General De Vincenti visited Tuzla with Major General Robert Brieger, the Commander of EUFOR. General De Vincenti was informed of the progress being made by the International Commission on Missing Persons by Mr Edin Jasaragic, Head of the Identification Coordination Division (ICD).

General De Vincenti went on to visit the Liaison Observation Team (LOT) house in Tuzla where he met Lieutenant Colonel Stefan Kirchebner, the Chief of the Regional Co-ordination Centre (RCC) North commander. The General was updated on the activities that the LOT have recently been carrying out in the Tuzla area and the continuing development of good relationships with the local population.

In a busy programme General De Vincenti also had office calls with Mr Muhamed Ibrahimović, the Minister of Defence BiH and Major General Rizvo Pleh, the Deputy Chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces BiH for Operations. During these meetings a range of issues were discussed including the security situation in BiH and the future role of EUFOR, particularly in capacity building and training for the Armed Forces BiH.