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EUFOR’s Generals Visit Local Schools to see Competition Entries

EUFOR’s Generals Visit Local Schools to see Competition Entries_1
Major General Robert Brieger with primary school children from Catholic School Centre ‘Sveti Josip’ and their artwork Competition Entries.
In order to see first-hand the work that school children are producing towards this year’s EUFOR Schools Competition, Major General Robert Brieger (Commander EUFOR), and Brigadier General Ernő Siposs (Chief of Staff EUFOR) visited schools in the Sarajevo area on 10th and 11th April 2012. 

Major General Brieger saw both primary and secondary classes’ work at Catholic School Centre ‘Sveti Josip’ before moving on to the Graphic High School Ilidza.  Brigadier General Siposs took the opportunity to visit primary and high schools in Pale.
Both EUFOR visitors were extremely impressed with the variety and quality of the work produced by the children, all centred on this year’s theme of ‘Olympic Spirit – Spirit of Unity’.  The standard of entries is always high but, judging by what has been seen over the last two days, it is anticipated that 2012’s contributions will be of an exceptionally high level.
The closing date for this year’s Schools Competition is 20th April.

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