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EUFOR Emergency Support 10th - 12th February 2012

EUFOR Emergency Support
Elderly man reunited with disabled son Kalinovik
EUFOR personnel have continued to support the people of BiH throughout the emergency situation caused by the exceptionally severe weather.  EUFOR helicopter crews have flown seven sorties this weekend as requested by the BiH Ministry of Security. The sorties have included medical evacuations, Search and Rescue and the delivery of food to remote regions of BiH.  

On 10 Feb a EUFOR helicopter was scrambled to the scene of the crashed Mi8 helicopter of the Armed Forces BiH.  The EUFOR Alouette helicopter surveyed the crash scene and requested a EUFOR Bell helicopter to transport the Mi8 crew to Rajlovac and Kalinovic.  In addition an elderly man was reunited with his disabled son when a EUFOR helicopter crew flew him from Kalinovic to Krupac.

On 11 Feb  EUFOR helicopters delivered 900Kg of food supplies to remote areas close to Kupres, Livno and Tomislavgrad.  One civilian with a medical condition was also evacuated from Repovci to Rajlovac.

EUFOR remains on alert to support the authorities of BiH throughout this State of Emergency.

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