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Chief of Logistics of the Turkish Army visits EUFOR Headquarters

Chief of Logistics of the Turkish Army visits EUFOR HQ_1Major General Robert Brieger, the Commander of EUFOR welcomed Lieutenant General Mehmet Çetin the Chief of Logistics of the Turkish Army to Camp Butmir.
In an Office Call, COM EUFOR briefed General Çetin on recent EUFOR activity in delivering the overarching European Security and Defence Policy mission in BiH. The Generals also discussed the increasing role of reserve forces in the Operation Althea mission.

COM EUFOR praised the high standards and professionalism of all the Turkish troops serving in EUFOR. Turkish personnel are currently employed in an extensive variety of roles within EUFOR including the Command of the Regional Coordination Centre in Zenica and the manning of six Liaison Observation Team Houses in BiH. In addition they fill Headquarters posts, provide a Turkish Company within the Multi-National Battalion and support the Integrated Police Unit.

Turkey is the second largest troop contributing nation to Operation Althea .General Brieger then concluded the visit by thanking General Çetin for Turkey’s ongoing support to Operation Althea.

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