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Information Producer Course Certificate Ceremony

Information Producer Course Certificate Ceremony_10EUFOR IAD GEO Cell in the form of a Mobile Training Team (MTT), successfully delivered a 5 day Advanced GEO Training Course to the members of Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AFBiH). The MTT was composed of one officer (GEO Cell Chief) and two civilian technicians. MTT had close coordination with the Capacity Building and Training Division (CBTD) which is responsible for coordinating, mentoring, advising and assisting AFBiH in all training activities.

There were 11 participants (7 officers and 4 NCOs) that successfully completed the course at Rajlovac Barracks, in the Military Intelligence (MI) Battalion, 22-26 August 2011.

The Certificate Award Ceremony took place on 26th August this was attended by Lt Col Van Essen from EUFOR CBTD, Lt Col Paszkowski from EUFOR IAD, Major Prijić from AFBiH J2 and Major Kablay from EUFOR CBTD. CBTD ETB Chief Lt Col Van Essen and IAD GEO Cell Chief Lt Col Paszkowski thanked the instructors and congratulated the participants on their approach to the course, eager willingness to learn and their efforts during the training course.

Advanced GEO Training Course consisted of Coordinate Systems /Transformations /Measuring, Reference Surfaces for Mapping, Map Projections, Geodetic Network, Vertical/Horizontal Datum, Terrain Features and Map Interpretation topics.

The course highlighted the continuing level of cooperation that exists between EUFOR and AFBiH.