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CBRN Opening Ceremony

CBRN Opening Ceremony_1On the 5th September 2011, a combined Austrian and Polish Mobile Training Team (MTT) has launched the 3rd phase of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) training in Tuzla. On behalf of Chief of Capacity Building and Training Division (CBTD) military assistant Lt Col Milan Korbar attended the Opening ceremony which was held at Eagle Base in Tuzla, where CBRN Company of Armed Forces of BiH (AFBiH) is located. During this ceremony the representative of TSB (Tactical Support Brigade) of AFBiH was also present.

Lt Col Milan Korbar and Major Huskič from TSB wished the student’s good luck with the course with hoped they would achieve positive results. The main aim of the course which is going to be finished on the 11th of November is to increase knowledge of 9 participants of AF BiH in areas of CBRN reconnaissance and decontamination. All members successfully underwent previous phases of training and they are eager again to do their best. Combined MTT is composed of five instructors, 2 officers and 3 NCO’s. The MTT is a part of Capacity Building and Training Division (CBTD) located within EUFOR Headquarters, Camp Butmir in Sarajevo.