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EU Political and Security Committee Visit EUFOR

EU Political and Security Committee Visit EUFOR
Lt Gen Milojčić, Lt Gen van Osch, Dr. Inzko, COMEUFOR.

Ambassadors from the European Union’s Political and Security Committee (PSC), accompanied by Dr. Inzko (The High Representative) and Lt Gen van Osch (Director General of the EU Military Staff) visited EUFOR and Camp Butmir on 3rd December as part of their programme of events in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

COMEUFOR, Major General Bernhard Bair, welcomed the Ambassadors that make up the committee and briefed them fully on the capabilities of EUFOR and the current military security situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  EUFOR has a clear mandate from the United Nations Security Council to take all necessary measures to effect the implementation of and to ensure compliance with annexes 1-A and 2 of the Dayton Peace Agreement.

After a lunch in the Camp the PSC witnessed demonstrations of Crowd Riot Control by the Multinational Battalion working alongside the Armed Forces of BiH.  The Chief of their Joint Staff, Lt Gen Milojčić, was present and highlighted the work that EUFOR conducts with the AFBiH in capacity building and training issues.

The PSC exercises the political control and strategic direction of the operation, under the responsibility of the European Council. Powers of decision with respect to the objectives and termination of the military operation remain vested in the Council, assisted by the EU Special Representative (EUSR) / High Representative (HR).

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