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COS EUFOR visits LOT houses

COS EUFOR Visits LOT houses
COS EUFOR with LOT Brcko personnel.
On his first official trip after being appointed COS HQ EUFOR, Brigadier General Günter Giesa visited the Liaison and Observation Team (LOT) houses in Brcko, Derventa and Modrica, located in the northern region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. During his visit he was able to get a first-hand impression of LOT operations conducted in the three areas.
In addition to a tour of the facilities, Brigadier General Giesa’s main interest was conversing with LOT house personnel, focusing on their mission, recent events and of course the coming elections on 3rd October. Brigadier General Giesa was able to personally convince himself of the professionalism and commitment with which the soldiers fulfill their duties.