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    Mine Awareness Training (MAT)


    Mine Information Coordination Cell (MICC)

    Mine Risk Education (MRE)

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    “Mine Awareness is an educational process to reduce death and injury to soldiers from mines and unexploded ordinances (UXO) by adopting safe behavior”

    Members of EUFOR on MAT

    Members of EUFOR on MAT

    Members of EUFOR on MAT

    Members of EUFOR on MATMembers of EUFOR on MAT

    PROM 1: majority of the mine victims in BiH activated this 3kg killer

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    MAT - Mine Awareness training conducted by the Mine Information and coordination cell is divided in three parts (A,B,C) and all EUFOR and NATO personnel are obligated to attend within a designated time.
    Our training has theoretical and practical parts which helps attendees to understand the complexity and the level of contamination of mines and UXOs in BiH.
    We also train the members of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams from various EUFOR troop contributing nations to be Mine Awareness Instructors. After certification they are authorized to teach MA to their fellow soldiers.

    MAPS - Mine Contamination maps are a very important part of Mine Awareness and a valuable tool for our troops. They contain all known information received from BHMAC about minefields in BiH and this information is available upon request.

    MA products- MICC posters, mugs, t-shirts and baseball caps are the easiest way to disseminate the Mine awareness message among troops.

      IFOR/SFOR Casualties

    I am Mine Aware
    Logo on the back of MICC MA t-shirts.

    Mine Map
    This map shows 18,297 minefield records from the war time

    1995-2010 14 133

    The last mine accident involving international troops happened on 14 July 2001


    Landmines: a hidden enemy


    "Mine Awareness is a matter of attitude"