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    Mines Information Coordination Cell (MICC)


    Mine Awareness Training (MAT)

    Mine Risk Education (MRE)

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    MICC Logo

    MICC mission is to provide all necessary information and training about landmine and UXO threat, within the EUFOR Operational Theater, on highest possible standards.

    Official minefield sign in BiH

    Mines location
    One of 11,443 mine suspected areas in BiH
    (source: BHMAC)

    Armed Forces BiH deminers in action

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    Mine Casualties in BiH

    Casualties KILLED INJURED
    November 2014 6 10
    November 2013 3 10
    November 2012 9 3
    October 2011 9 23
    2010 6 8
    2009 9 19
    2008 34 29


    EUFOR MAT 1,747

    MAP 7,609

    MRE 9,320

    Dog & HandlerArmed Forces of BiH Demining Dog

    There are 120,000 mines and UXO scattered all over BiH

    Mine Suspected Area in BiH 1996: 4,200km2

    Mine Suspected Area in BiH at the begin of 2011: 1,218.50km2

    Number of Mine Suspected Locations:9,400

    Number of minefield records collected from the war parties: 19,185


    "Mine Awareness is a matter of attitude"

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