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Soldier in the Spotlight

Razvan NicolaeMy name is Razvan Nicolae and I am the only Romanian officer in Capacity Building and Training (CB&T).
I am 35 years old, I’m married to a beautiful woman and we have two beautiful daughters.
My rank is Major (OF-3) and I belong to the Romanian Army.
From the middle of January 2012 I was appointed as an internal coordination staff officer in Training Planning Coordination (TPC) within CB&T and my tour of duty will end on 22th of July. It’s enough time to put into practice my previous experience.
During recent years I was a personnel officer, interoperability standardization & evaluation staff officer, and a training planning staff officer. At this time I’m specialized in personnel, public information, civil-military cooperation and arms control (Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty & Vienna Document).
I worked hard to get where I am. In my opinion, if you want to accomplish what you intend, first you have to really want it, after that you need to specialize in that domain and then to convince others that you are most appropriate to do that job.
With professionalism and great ambition all of us should be able to realize anything.
At the end of the last year, I decided to go on my first mission abroad. I immediately liked the multinational environment of Camp BUTMIR, working with people from different countries and continents.
Within CB&T, I am the focal point of contact and the interface for all Mobile Training Team (MTT) related matters to other internal EUFOR actors in order to implement the training activities in accordance with the Combined Join Statement of Requirements (CJSOR).
In conjunction with TPC Chief, I coordinated and integrated the EUFOR’s training planning activities to be executed by MTTs in an Annual EUFOR Training Calendar.
Up to this point, I have informed CB&T and other related bodies with relevant data concerning ongoing MTT’s activities.
During the next months, as the interface between Subject Matters Experts (SMEs) and the other internal EUFOR actors, I intend to discuss with all SMEs to write articles in each edition of EUFOR FORUM to ensure accurate and clear information about MTT’s activities and objectives achieved
I find my work in CB&T very interesting and the experience within EUFOR most rewarding.
As I have many colleagues from Turkey, during this mission I want to learn as much as I can of their language. Also, I will try to learn some basic words and sentences in Hungarian, German, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, Bulgarian, Czech and Finnish. Why? Because, I think this is the highest form of respect among nations - to try to speak the other’s language. Communication is the key to success!