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Gender Focal Points Appointed

Gender Focal Points On 7th May 2010 Major General Bernhard Bair, COM EUFOR appointed Lt Col Christianne Vermue and reappointed Mrs Nikolina Marceta as mission Gender Focal Points for Operation ALTHEA. The protection of Human Rights and Gender Equality are fundamental principles of EU policy. Their appointment underlines the ongoing need for efforts to continue gender mainstreaming in the mission area.

In congratulating Lt Col Vermue and Mrs Marceta on their appointments COM EUFOR said:

“For me this issue is of particular significance and therefore I have put a clear emphasis on gender perspectives in Operation ALTHEA. We have aimed and continue to aim to achieve a greater sensitivity towards gender issues, in order to foster more balanced gender awareness, and thus to improve the overall situational awareness. In this regard I am also very grateful for your excellent support.”

The Gender Focal Point’s important responsibilities include providing information to the Chain of Command, ensuring training of EUFOR personnel maintaining contacts with organizations that improve gender mainstreaming and awareness with BiH. Mrs Marceta was first appointed as Gender Focal Point for EUFOR in October 2008. COM EUFOR, Major General Bair, confirmed her appointment in such capacity.