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EUFOR and AFBiH Shoulder to Shoulder on Demining

EUFOR and AFBiH On 20th April 2010 EUFOR Commander Major General Bernhard Bair and Lieutenant General Miladin Milojcic, Chief of the Joint Defence Staff of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AFBiH), were delighted to witness at the Makljenovac demining project near Doboj, the progress being made to rid BiH of the mines menace.
Both officers took part in an official ceremony to mark the donation of mine detectors from the Italian government and saw at first hand the professionalism of BiH de-mining teams trained with the help of EUFOR resources.

Major General Bair said: “EUFOR is in BiH to provide a safe and secure environment for all its people. The mines threat is a blight on BiH and EUFOR stands shoulder to shoulder with the BiH de-mining efforts to rid the country of these silent killers. EUFOR is increasingly involved with the training of BiH personnel and they are proving to be excellent students and first-rate soldiers.”