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Director for Co-Ordination of Police Bodies in BiH Visits EUFOR HQ

COM EUFOR and Selimovic On 15th April 2010 Mr Himzo Selimovic, Head of the Directorate for the Co-ordination of Police Bodies in BiH visited EUFOR Headquarters and was briefed by the Commander of EUFOR Major General Bernhard Bair.

The meeting is part of an ongoing series of visits between EUFOR and the Directorate that aims to ensure cooperation between both organizations is as seamless as possible. Enhancement of BiH disaster relief capabilities formed part of the discussions along with exploration of possible joint training between EUFOR, AFBiH and Police Bodies. The benefit and practicality of such routine liaison was demonstrated recently by the joint operation to rescue avalanche victims in the Zelengora Mountains on 20th March.

Additional information on the EUFOR Blackhawk helicopter rescue of the avalanche victims is available on YOU TUBE, (FTV Lavine, Spasavanje iz lavine na Zelengori ) and the website.