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EUFOR helicopter in emergency medical mission

Emergency MEDEVAC 2nd February 2010 - A EUFOR helicopter based at Camp Butmir, Sarajevo, carried out an emergency life-saving mission to transport a seriously injured girl from Bihac to Sarajevo.

Just before midday, the office of COM EUFOR, Major General Bernhard Bair, received an emergency request from the Mayor of Bihac, Mr Lipovaca, to transport a young girl from Bihac hospital to Sarajevo. Loredana Isic, 21, had been in hospital with multiple injuries since being involved in a serious car accident on the 4th January, and her condition had recently deteriorated, requiring the use of specialized medical equipment located at the hospital in Sarajevo. The condition of the patient also meant that transport by road was unsuitable.

 Due to the exceptionally serious nature of the case, and the favourable weather conditions, COM EUFOR agreed to the use of a Blackhawk helicopter of the Austrian Army EUFOR contingent. The team at EUFOR HQ quickly took action, communicating with both hospitals and with the helicopter team, and coordinating the whole operation. The helicopter was soon airborne, with a EUFOR doctor and medical assistant onboard, and the patient was transferred quickly to the specialist unit in Sarajevo. She arrived safely two hours after the initial call was received at EUFOR HQ, and quickly received appropriate care.