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Withdrawal of German MEDEVAC Helicopters

Withdrawal of German MEDEVAC Helicopters  17th December 2009 – COM EUFOR, Major General Bernard Bair, attended the ceremony marking the withdrawal of Germany’s two medevac helicopters from EUFOR Althea, organized by the German Senior National Representative (EUFOR Chief Of Staff Brigadier General Gerhard Kemmler). The helicopters have now been replaced in theatre by three Austrian Alouette helicopters. In the words of the Chief of Staff: “You all have contributed to this mission with a high level of professionalism. EUFOR has always enjoyed a reputation of professionalism, impartiality and integrity that has enabled us to work with all the citizens of this country”. 


COM EUFOR commented on their professionalism and dedication saying: ”It is an opportunity to recall the immense contribution that the German Helicopter Detachment has made to EUFOR’s operations, involving some important missions”.
Germany still retains a high number of troops as part of the mission in BiH.