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Medal Parade in Banja Luka

Medal Parade The EUFOR Regional Coordination Centre 1 (RCC1) Headquarters hosted a  Medal Parade in Banja Luka and the Guest of Honour was COS EUFOR, Brigadier General Löwenstein.  Brigadier General Löwenstein addressed the guests with a speech outlining how the trust of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been established and conserved by the peacekeepers that were to receive the “European Security Defence Policy Service” Medal. He awarded the medal to five members of the RCC1 HQ.

Also at the parade there were 10 Bulgarian soldiers and 19 Chilean soldiers who were wearing their medals which had been awarded respectively by the Senior Representative of the Bulgarian Contingent, Colonel Lyubomir Simeonov and by the Director of Peacekeeping Operations of the Chilean Armed Forces, Colonel Luis Silva.