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RTV Slobomir Channel met LOT House Brcko

Image24th July 2009 - RTV Slobomir Channel met the Liaison Observation Team (LOT) house personnel at Brcko. During interviews with the LOT House Commander, OF-3 Herbert Gutmann and OR-8 Laszlo Topay, they learnt how the LOT house interacts within the local community, their daily tasks and the challenges they face. The short documentary will be shown via cable transmission in the Bijeljina, Lopare and Ugljevic regions as part of an initiative that the Slobomir Channel have started called “Our friends in the World”. 

ImageLater they visited the LOT house and spoke to OF-1 Gerald Simon and OR-8 Harald Mörth. EUFOR has 38 LOT houses throughout BiH and other houses may be featured in future productions by the TV channel.


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