Prime Minister of Slovenia Visits EUFOR

On Monday 9 December 2019, the Prime Minister of Slovenia, Mr Marjan Šarec, visited Camp Butmir, Sarajevo, to meet EUFOR HQ staff and Slovenian soldiers working at the mission.

COM EUFOR visits Vitezit explosives factory

The Commander of EUFOR, Major General Reinhard Trischak, spent Thursday 14 November visiting the Vitezit explosives factory in Vitez, along with representatives from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the relevant State and Federation level Ministries who are all taking a keen interest in the potential security implications of the factory’s bankruptcy.

EUFOR’s Night Action at Sarajevo International Airport

In the early hours of Thursday 10 October, as part of Exercise Quick Response 19, EUFOR troops demonstrated their ability to secure Sarajevo International Airport and deal with a range of threats to the Safe and Secure Environment. After commercial flying had ceased for the day, the Multinational Battalion in conjunction with LEAs quickly moved into the airport, setting up checkpoints and securing key infrastructure.

EUFOR’s Quick Response 19 Troop movements across BiH

Following the successful opening ceremony held at Camp Butmir on the afternoon of Sunday the 6 October, the troops taking part in exercise Quick Response 19 started deploying to locations all over Bosnia and Herzegovina on Monday 7 October.

Royal Gurkha Rifles arrive for EUFOR’s Exercise Quick Response 19

On Thursday 26 September another Antonov 124 and a Royal Air Force Voyager aircraft arrived at Sarajevo International Airport bringing in over 120 British troops from the 1st Battalion the Royal Gurkha Rifles and their final pieces of equipment for EUFOR’s largest annual exercise, Quick Response 2019 (QR19).

EUFOR Exercise Quick Response 2019 Opening ceremony

On the afternoon of Sunday the 6 October the opening ceremony for exercise Quick Response 19 was held at Camp Butmir, Sarajevo. Quick Response is the longstanding annual test of EUFOR’s capability to rapidly reinforce its troops in BiH with part of its reserve forces which are held at high-readiness in partner nations. It is a large scale exercise demonstrating the EU’s resolve and commitment to Bosnia and Herzegovina.